Sunday, January 25, 2009


I am a little behind on blogging. We have been so busy. Our little angel turned 11mths old on Thursday and we can't believe it!!! Time flies....We are having so much fun with Luke. He definitely keeps us busy. He is into everything. You will see in a few of the pictures. Luke is starting to talk, a few words in his vocab are, Momma, Da Da, Buck, Hot, Light ( he has said POP and Nana a few times). He loves to sing his ABC's , and LA LA LA LA.... He loves to eat, point at everything, read books, music, give hugs and kisses, look at pictures, and lots more.....His eighth tooth just came him. He looks like a BIG BOY!!!

This is what happens when an 11mth old
gets a hold of the Sunday paper.

Notice his shirt says " I am the Boss"

Papa and Luke with their crazy hair!!!

He loves looking at the cats at the ranch.

Yummy....I love to eat!!!