Wednesday, December 29, 2010

HaVe A hOlLy JoLlY cHrIsTmAs.....

Wow!! Did we have a Oh-So-Fun Christmas this year or should I say every year!! We started lots of new traditions this Christmas and we loved every minute of it. Christmas went on for about 5 days. Luke was SO MUCH FUN this year. He loved every part of it from making cookies, singing Christmas Carols, Nativity scenes, lights, and on and on and on. Samantha Grace's first Christmas was perfect. ( she actually had some good days! :) )These are lots of pictures from our many events that went on for about a week. My mom has a lot of the good pictures. Excuse my camera its been blurry lately. I am trying to talk daddy into getting mommy a new one. :) We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!

A Douglas Christmas

Our Family. ( The best picture we could get )

Daddy and his little princess

Sammi enjoying her first Christmas

Lots of sugar

We started a new tradition of having The Douglas Pizza's at Christmas.  Everyone enjoyed helping. Jack even joined in.

Daddy and his love bugs

Luke loved all the nativity scenes

Reading the Christmas Story

Sammi opening her first Christmas gift

Watching Luke open his gifts was hilarious!!!

So excited over Toy Story 3!! Thanks Aunt Ray and Uncle Reid

Jack had no clue what was going on. :)

Pappy loves his babies

A Walpole, Douglas & Gunter Christmas

Sammi hanging with the girls

Mrs. Tammy even dropped in for some fun!

Luke's new BFF. We are so glad that Aaron has joined our family!

Memaw is always fun to watch open her gifts.

Church at FOTW
 (Sammi stayed home with Nana and Pop and napped.)

Making a snow angel

That's as close as he would get to Santa

My butterball

Christmas Eve

Making cookies for Santa. Luke picked them out.

A Speaks & Douglas Christmas

Santa came to Nana & Pop's

Let the fun begin.....

Christmas Day

Thanks to all of our Family for a wonderful Christmas!!