Tuesday, May 25, 2010

MoNkEy SeE mOnKey Do

Luke LOVES his POP!!

PiNk, PiNk, & PiNk

My Best Friend and her Mom threw me a shower a couple of weekends ago.  Everything was perfect!! Our house is officially filled with bows, lots of pink, dolls, dresses, and more!! We can't wait for Samantha Grace's arrival. Thanks again Nikki and Mother!!

The Hostess 

My Mom and I

All of Samantha and Luke's Grandma's and Great Grandma's. We are just missing Grandmama who is in LA.

The toliet paper game.

Beth made me a southern belle hat out of my bows.

All the Preggos.

Beth is due in Nov, Rachael is due July, and Sarah and I are both due in August on the exact same day.

Sweet Friends

A sneak peak of all the PINK!!

A Day at the Zoo with our sweet friend Savanna!!

Sweet Friends

Feeding the Fish

Hey Savanna!!

Luke's favorite of course!!

Cooling off with a Cherry Icee!!

Riding on the Train

What a long day!!

They had so much fun!! ( We just had Beth close her eyes for the picture!! :) )